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I am looking forward into our NEW  MILLENNIUM and beyond the horizon into the twilight zone.   I can see HEALTHCARE is a difficult problem and a great challenges.   Medical fee is becoming beyond the reach of the poor in the whole world not because of the drugs but because of our Doctors' fee.   The only solution for the poor is to keep themselves healthy by eating Home-make Yogurt.
Home-make Yogurt is always fresh, fragrance, nutritious, tastes delicious and it contains billions of vigorous active bacteria of cultures that will give you a good potency for protection against the invasion of pathogenic organisms and harmful bacteria that cause the diseases and illness.
Yogurt produces all the essential protein building blocks calls
AMINO ACIDS that the human body needs it for growth and repair.   It is so very essential for our body healthy functioning and defense.
It is very economical to cultivate it yourself and cost less than a quarter of the best commercial products.
My whole family is enjoying our Home-make Yogurt dairy.   Yogurt is a good healthy diet, a good dietician will tell you that and it has a power of an extensive prevention of diseases and cancer.   Yogurt is a Gift of Life from our All Mighty God and also an Elixir of Life.   Peoples in some part of the World live such a long and healthy life because of the great amount of Yogurt or Lactobacillus Acidophilus they eat in their food.
I sincerely will feel very guilty if I do not share my beneficial diet except my family.   It is our commitment and duty of saving lives in the whole World and lead them to the journey towards a healthier future.
My research of how to cultivate Yogurt for a period of times have reached to the equivalent commercial quality standard up to date and I would like to share with you.   You go to my health page and get my RECIPE as a free gift with no string attach.   It is cultivated from milk powder so that Muslim, Jewish and other faiths can also enjoy the benefits of Yogurt with the society of rich or poor  to keep the dear Doctors far, far away.   May God bless all of you and you healthy.        



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