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This is the page where I'll describe my view in more detail.

An ideology with good commercial values
is an island surrounded by deep water, very good for sea ports, shipping line and
a potential industrialism.  Have a lots of water but useless salt water that is not fit for human
consumption.   Water is a gift of God and should not be sold for a good profit.   Selling fresh
drinking water for the cost of purification works are not very sinful.   Since water is absolutely
vital to life and very critical issue, and so it is naturally is our duty for any civil-minded people
to feel good to give away the water happily because water is a gift of God and we should not
fight over it.   So that God will also bless us happily for our kindness attitude toward others 
then we will be rewarded in Haven.
Singapore Government is an efficient government.   Even the most hardest problem and
critical issue like water can be solved in a shot time.   A few of such examples are recycling
and three-in-one desalination of sea water.   What is three-in-one means?   Three-in-one
means that three process in one goal, burn rubbish to generate heat to power generators
and desalination works.   As a good and royal citizen of Singapore it is also our duty to
give our idea of opinions happily to help to solve one of the most critical problem mentions
above if possible.    I think Singapore Government can afford to build a big artificial fresh
water lake, Undersea and Water World like the one in USA, Europe or Ocean Parks in
Hong Kong.   
Just take a good look at the bottom of this text a first map and you will see on the map
three small ilands,  Pulau Ubin, Pulau Tekong Kechil and Pulau Tekong.   I think it is
possible to join them up altogether to form a big artificial fresh water lake as shown in
the second map below.   With our good engineering construction, scientific in design,
technical and expertise know how, this multi millions dollars projects can be made
possible then our critical situation of fresh water is already fully solved.   It can also
build a good name for Singapore that it builds the first man-made artificial fresh lake
in South East Asia.   Not only that we can also be the first to build an Undersea World
where tourists actually can see and feel the depth of the sea and fresh water
altogether opposite to each other.   I am absolutely sure that these projects will attract
million of tourists every year and gains a lots of revenues and good reputations for our
Singaporean.   We can also link the MRT from Changi International Airport to the three
small islands and end up at Punggol Singapore and maybe to the city later on.   Tourists
from all over the World that transit at our International Airport can travel by MRT to
view our most attractive Undersea and Water World instead of laying idle or sleep for
a few long hours during the transit periods at our transit points.   While traveling the
tourists will be able to view the straits of Johor, our three small islands, the fresh water
lake, HDB housing estates during their journal to the Undersea and Water World.  
The tourists can also stop
at various points of interests first before going to the Undersea
and Water World to see the actual depth of the sea and man-made artificial fresh water
lake.   While waiting for feeding time to come by, there are lots of handicrafts, arts,
souvenir and gifts shops and perhaps there maybe a miniature museum to tell it's historical,
Singapore made-goods, orchids, food
court, tourists information center, Post Office,
Coffee House, restroom and so on.   
During the feeding time at the Undersea World you are able to see a lot of sea and fresh
water fishes altogether and our divers swim along with the fishes and perhaps they will
perform some shows.   You can also see the artificially constructed fish tanks with various
type of sea and fresh water fishes from all over the world.
After joining the three small islands altogether with the island of Singapore, we will then
pump out the salt water and gradually fill in the rain water from all the roofs of the HDB
estates into the lake together with two rivers (Sungei Punggol and Sungei Serangoon) or
with our Newater.    I think these multi millions dollars projects are a must for Singapore
otherwise we have to face the music and at the mercy of Goddess every now and then.  
It may cost a lot of money to build them no doubt about it but it is a worthwhile investment
and very wise move for our future survival.   The water from the man-made fresh water lake
is sufficient for our own consumption all year round and perhaps we can even export to others.  

              Eastern part of Singapore

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