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"Good suggestions never ever put them to waste" 

Most of the Hospitals in the whole World are well equipped with the latest and most up to-date Facilities, Best Doctors, Nurses and Staffs but not so in the department of Hospitals’ Managements.   They do not understand how the whole systems work in their Wards and as the result of that the Hospitals are wasting hell a lot of material-wastage and manpower lost unnecessary and due to that, Hospitals lost in quantity of materials wastages amounting to million of dollars per year.   Not only that, it also causes the patients to bear for an extra sufferings which are really unnecessary.   I do not meant that Hospital Management Department Staffs are not capable of doing works for management but because no one should be able to write this ideal unless he/she is a patient.   I was a patient who went through all the sufferings which was really unnecessary.

In the old system they are using at present, patient presses the so call the “NURSE CALL SYSTEM” at almost the same time together with four others; one is asking for drinking water; 2. needs warm blanket; 3. is asking for a helping hand to get a Newspaper to read; 4. needs a toilet-bowl and the last one needs a Medical attention urgently.   Whom shall the Staff Nurse send her nurse to attend to which patient first?   Off course she does not know it at all!   So she goes by merits, then by the time the Nurse has reached the second last patient, it was too late!   The second last patient has already pass-motion in bed that causes material-wastage and manpower lost unnecessary.   Then the patient has to bear for the discomfort, also extra sufferings and dirty the Hospital Environment, thus causes unhealthiness.   Here comes the last patient he/she maybe gone by now because he/she is a heart or stroke patient.   For special emergencies cases the nurse must handle the patient very quickly and even a delay of a few minutes may result in death.   Why is it so?   Because the Hospital is lacking of “Communication” that go between patients and nurses.   What to do then?   Please read on then you will know well what to do!
They have no mean of “Communication” to each other except to Call or cancel.   “Communication” between patient and nurse in the “Wards” is very important, so that they can understand each other well.   Is that sound logic enough for your bad management?   It is rather silly thing for the patient to call a nurse to switch on/off the light when he/she can switch it on/off in the “Communication System” itself when all the nurses have so many other better things to do.   Even a patient in a critical condition after two major surgeries at one gold can still move his/her hand and use his/her brain except for some patients only.  

With my child-brain equipment so call “Communication System” using 9 buttons with each button for it’s indicated job by patient’s requirement so that nurses can perform their duties very effectively without much delay because nurses knew what the patient basic requirement so that thing can be done systematically.  

Every button has two functions; 1. Press to call with patient’s requirement on Icon then LED light blinking; 2. Press again on the same button to cancel then blinking light goes off.   I will show you how the “9 buttons equipment” works with Universal Icon below:

Nine buttons with Universal Icon for easy reading even to a layman.

1.   Patient needs medical attention or emergency call with a symbol of
      Universal Icon of Red Cross.

2.   Patient needs to pass-motion with a symbol of Universal Icon of a

3.   Patient needs to urinate with a symbol of Universal Icon urinating
4.   Patient needs warmness with a symbol of Universal Icon of a
      blanket or woollen cover.

5.   Patient needs water to drink with a symbol of Universal Icon of a
      drinking glass.

6.   Patient needs extra help with a symbol of Universal Icon of hand
      with words of help on the hand.

7.   Patient is wet through with a symbol of Universal Icon of a pair
      trousers with 3 drops of water dripping.

8.   Patient can switch on/off the reading light with a symbol of
      Universal Icon of a big-bulb lighted.

9.   Patient can switch on/off night-light with a symbol of Universal Icon
      of a small-bulb lighted.

A proposal for a very simple Equipment that I call it “Communication System” between Patient and Nurses in 9 Buttons and each button has dual functions setting on/off with LED blinking light to signal patient’s request with Universal Icon on it so that the Staff Nurse knows immediately which patient needs to be attended first without a moment of delay.   This System will save manpower, material wastage and the most important thing is for the patients’ more comfort, less sufferings and have a pleasant stay during Hospitalisation.  

“Communication System” Box is child-brain Equipment which can be constructed by Digital or Conversational way with not much complicated components required.    All it needs are listed here for your reference:-  (1) 1 length of multi colour coded cable with 12 lines to use it from between Patient, Patient Light Panel and Staff Nurse Control Panel;    (2) 7 units of two ways dual functions micro-switches;    (3) 7 units of 3 volts LED lights for blinking;    (4) 2 units of single way dual function micro-switches for switching on/off the patient lighting;   (5) 1 unit of 230volts AC step down transformer to provide 12 volts for night light and 3 volts to 7 buttons of blinking LED light;  (6) 1 unit of box with 9 holes for 9 buttons.

This box must be able to conceal all the switches buttons below the surface to prevent accidentally switch it on while the patient is sleeping.   The estimate cost is less than S$200 for each patient’s bed and with proper tendering system it might fall far below S$100.00 per patient or per bed.   This project is worth speeding because it is a life saving equipment where complications, heart and stroke patient requires attention immediately without fail.   Any delay may result in great troubles for the patients.   After its implementation of this Equipment I am very sure that Singapore will save a lot of wastages, materials and manpower lost and not only that, Singapore will make history for the only country in the whole World to have my proposal of
“Communication System” using 9 buttons is a must for Singapore.

“An ideology with good Commercial Values can make money”.

(28th January 2006)