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Compiled by:  Cheng Peter


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Pour 120ml lukewarm boiling water that measures about (38C) into the pot.   Use FERNLEAF instant milk powder, 18 to 28 scopes level depending on your tastes of preview to obtain the desired solids.   I normally
28 scopes of milk powder and that is sufficient to cultivate one liter of yogurt.   Yogurt contains more
calcium than milk.   To know your
Yogurt is a good Bacteria Food:'s Effects:!gid2=2901 Yogurt Description: & Benefit of Yogurt:
You must blend it well so that there is
no lump of milk then you add 600ml boiling hot water into the pot and blend it well again.   Boiling hot water
above the temperature of (88C) will help to kill any undesirable harmful bacteria that might be presented
in the
milk and utensils to compete with or boil the milk to the temperature reaches (88C).   This step is only applied to, when your local water and atmospheric are dirty or milk powder is not pasteurized.   The milk must be held at that boiling temperature for at least 20 to 60 minutes.   This heat treatment kills undesirable harmful bacteria and alters the casein micelles and prepares them for the unique structure to form so that it gives the yogurt a firmer body and texture.   Temperature will determine the flavor, consistency and acidity.   Without the heat treatment the End Products may not be so good and will increase the chances of failure.   Every one has occastional failed batch and this is normal.   Please take steps to minimize the failure so that
it will not reduce the
storage lifespan.   Making yogurt at home is not a 100% successful always.

The failure is sometime due to contamination of milk and "Active Life cultures" that causes the milk to
sink to the bottom of the
unfinished cultivated yogurt.    In making home yogurt hygiene and freshness
are supreme important.   Yogurt is Best only when it is
fresh.  After
heat treatment you will wait till at least 30 to 60 mins for the temperature to fall to (38C).    During the
waiting for the
temperature to fall to (38C), and while waiting please do cover the pot with a clean dry
towel to prevent the atmospheric contamination.



Then after 30 to 60 min you will add approximately 200ml boiled-cold water to makeup to 1000ml that will  help to make the temperature fall to (38Cfaster  Then you add on approximately (25 to 75g) of "Active Life cultures" refer to "living organisms", (Lactobacilus Acidophilus/Bulgaricus, Streptococcus Thermophilus
or Bifidus) that will
be enough for themselves to propagate.   I normally use creamy or liquid Bulla yogurt as
starter.   Protection of starter from contamination, please keep the lids intact until you are ready to make the next batch.  Buying starter
from grocery stores, make sure it is "an Active Life
Cultures" otherwise
they will not
propagate.   Some yogurt products are heat-treated after fermentation which kill most of the
cultures so that they are unable to ferment your next batch of milk.   If harmful bacteria and other microorganisms are present in the milk that may intefere with a proper fermentation.   
Bulla yogurt contains
the most
effective two types of "Active Life cultures" which carries the National Yogurt Association
on the containers with
 (Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium Infantis) to ferment the
warm milk that will produce the lactic acid bacteria or microbial transformation of the milk components in a
biologically active form with anti-proliferative activity compounds useful in prevention against cancer and
pathogenic organisms.   Science now affirms our ancestors' ancient belief that yogurt is their health food.
Prevention of Hemorrhoids:
 Treatment for Common Liver:  



Then stir gently the milk and yogurt or  starter and cover with a clean dry towel to prevent water condensation and atmospheric contamination with bad bacteria.   N.B.   If the temperature is very high
(38C) during the adding on the "Active Life Cultures" into the milk, it will cause the yogurt to
turn sour as the results of the
heat.  Why it is so very sour?   Due to its acidity when some of the
"LIFE CULTURES" may die off, due to an excessive heat.   If you are using 28 scopes of milk or more,
then follow
13-18 hours formula that will help you kill the milky tastes in the yogurt for a complete
coagulation.   You may stop at any time after 8 hours if it is a complete coagulation.    The number of
hours they needed for
coagulation is depending on your site's temperature, warmer is your site, it will
need fewer hours.   You must
 do some experiment and research to find it out.   A guideline for a
coagulation is about 8 to 12 hours.



Hi-hygiene!   As a reminder to you that in each batch of yogurt making hygiene and cleanness is a
very necessity!   Yogurt is so beneficial to us for our internal cleansing of the irregular bowel
our stomach that clogged up with toxins.   Yogurt is a good preventive agent for
human and yet most
vulnerable to bad bacteria too, for a delicate balance in our gut perform many
important metabolic functions .   The bacteria in yogurt are commonly known as "probiotics or friendly
bacteria" that can provide a variety of benefits and possibly strengthening the immure system against
respiratory infections.   Lactobacillus Genome in yogurt is unveiled:    The calcium
benefits alone in yogurt are good enough for you to choose yogurt.   Then why not give it a try by
Yogurt will help you to increase your chances of living a very long healthy life by
detoxification and cleansing your
digestive system when your body is unable to remove these toxins.  
But yogurt is able to expel and neutralize all these toxins and harmful bacteria in your body.   Yogurt
may even help in the treatment of ulcers, colon cancer, high blood pressure, cholesterol, bad breath,
constipation, Cure for Constipation: & osteoporosis, stomach
gas bloating, reflux diseases and vaginal yeast infections.   Candida Overgrowth/Yeast
Hypersensitivity: &   Injury to the gastrointestinal tract known
ay God bless you
and keep you
healthy as long as you live with yogurt!   Yogurt Fights Cancer?:




TIMER's dial is to be set for hour ON, hour OFF, hour ON, 1 hour OFF, hour ON, 1
hour OFF, hour ON, 1 hour OFF, hour ON, 1 hour OFF, hour ON, 1 hour OFF,
hour ON
when you cultivate them in Air-con room in the tropical climate.   During the Summer
you change
hour OFF to 1 hour Off and 1 hour Off change to 1 hour OFF, and during
the Winter 1 hour OFF change to hour OFF.
 But for Summer & Winter hour ON remains unchanged.   During active hours of coagulation, for the warm milk to ferment, the
temperature should
remain almost constant @ (38C) or (39C) and also undisturbed.   NB.   The above "setting" is based on 1000ml and 23W coffee warmer, other wattages will
depend on your
experiment for the new correct setting on the TIMER.



Switch on the TIMER to control the heat that is required to activate the process of colonizing the lactic cultures until 8-13 hours undisturbed for milder taste (no sour) and longer than 13 hours or overnight
for sharp tangy taste (slightly sour) because lactic cultures is a fast-growing Cultures and can
become less active with age then die off.  After the whole
period of processing you then blend it plain for
2 to 8 minutes and refrigerate it immediately below
(4C) in the air-tight container.



In making yogurt hygiene and freshness are supreme important.   The quality of yogurt that you
have cultivated
will depend on the quality of milk  and Cultures that you are using for making yogurt.   
Better quality of milk  and Cultures will produce better quality of yogurt.   If your yogurt tastes a little
milky is due to the milk that is cultivated, has not have a complete coagulation then use
13-18 hours
instead of 8-13 hours formula.
   Here again you must experiment it for a correct "hours formula" and the
(TIMER SETTING).   Normally, it is about 8 to 12 hours depending on your site's temperature.



Please do not freeze the Life cultures; freezing may affect the quality to some degree of lactic cultures' consistency.   The longer you blend the yogurt after it is ready, the smoother and creamy with good consistency taste the yogurt will be but do not blend longer than 8 minutes.   Homemade yogurt is always fresh and contains billions of Vigorous "Active Life Lactic Cultures" that give you 100% potency for protection against the invasion from pathogenic organisms.   It guarantees you fresh right up to 14 days
from the day after it is being
made when you refrigerated it immediately below (4C) in the air-tight
container.  Save a little portion of the
Life Cultures you have just cultivated to be used as a fresh starter
for the next batch, after it is being blended without adding anything.   The Cultures you have saved must
be kept in the
air-tight container, refrigerated it immediately below (4C) and it must not be kept more
than 3 to 8 days due to its
freshness that is required for propagating its' populations during your next
batch of careful preparation and cultivation.   
Occasionally you must change for a new fresh starter from
a commercial company from time to time,
 provided you can also controlled your high quality standard of
refrigeration as it is produced by commercial company such as
BULLA, change that starter, that said every
3 to 8 weeks depending on your refrigerator's temperature that if the temperature is always below (4C)
you can change it every 2 to 8 months.   My method of making yogurt has reached to such a
good standard equivalent to a good commercial quality if I am not
wrong.   Thank you.



Fresh yogurt is always beneficial and also is a Good Diet for the young and old.   Especially for the old aged forks, who are suffering from bone crippling disease or bone breaking disease known as OSTEOPOROSIS where bones are getting weaker and weaker every day that
causes the bones to be very brittle.
   Yogurt is a must health-diet for them.   If old aged forks cannot
resist the
coldness effect of the yogurt then they can add in some cocoa or Milo to balance the coldness
of the yogurt.   Yogurt is one of the richest sources of Calcium and is 100% very good for you. 
While eating yogurt you can still be under Doctor's Medical care but do keep medicine and yogurt about one
hour apart and even with vitamins.   Not
to worry too much about crash and just be happy about it!



You may flavour the yogurt when you want to eat it with fine brown or white sugar if you are not suffering from diabetes, any other illness, or allergic to everything.   Blend it thoroughly with your best flavour such
as pure honey, raisins, prunes, tomato, carrots, garlic,
onions, fresh fruits such as apricots, peaches, apples, strawberries, pineapples, bananas, mangos, fruits juice, or especially tropical avocados of your choice and
you refrigerate it again immediately below
(4C) in the air-tight container.   It is very good to add yogurt
into the whole grain cereal for breakfast and it can keep you going for more than three hours of energy.



You can try making yogurt Cultures with popular style of Indian Kefir and Lassi drinks that can be sweeten
or salted and even flavour the
yogurt as a drink that blend with tomato, carrots, raisins, prunes, garlic,
onions, fresh fruits and bananas of
your own choice, ice cream or cooking
(curry) and for baking ingredients.   Baked products will rise well when yogurt  is used due to its acidity.   Yogurt is an exellent dish by itself and can also be prepared for your Favorite Salad Dish.   Fresh yogurt tastes, fragrance, delicious, nutritious and
is so economical if you make it yourself so that your whole family can afford to enjoy as much
yogurt as they like.   Family Nutrition:   In Western countries, yogurt is enjoyed in a varirty of ways and it costs approximately (S$0.28 per cup, maybe even less for Homemade).  
Full Fat Yogurt for Infants and Toddlers:   Yo Baby:
For Baby below 2 years old, it is best to consult a Doctor or you may drop
a tea spool of yogurt into their milk for
only once a day to help baby's bowels system.  For best results, yogurt should be taken on with an empty stomach before breakfast and also an hour before other meals
so that it will aid the yogurt to get into the gut very quickly to be active because the stomach acid is the lowest at that time so that you will get very little side effect.   The stomach juices are so acidic that surely 
no living organisms could survive in such a hostile environment with no resistance.   For those who are
suffering seriously from 
gastric ulcer and stomach bloated with intestinal gas and toxins, yogurt must
be taken after full meal with only dosage (20g) at first and slowly increase the dosage after a few
months or years of taking yogurt and so on till you have been fully recovered from gastric ulcer then you 
can increase your dosage to full (200g).   Full dosage of yogurt will upset your stomach badly because stomach juices are so acidic plus amino acid in yogurt will effect you if you are suffering from gastric ulcer  because of yogurt
natural antibiotic (amino acid-protein blocks for body building and repair )
that kill the bad bacteria then produces intestinal gas and toxins, a source of toxins of which your stomach
is unable to take it if it is too much at one time!   So kill a little at a time, therefore eat a little less for the
first time!!   About dosage or less (20g) after full meal.   Gastric ulcer can be cured after 6 to 18 months
of daily taking of yogurt till it reaches full dosage.   Yogurt is not only cure Gastric ulcer and also cure for
Halitosis (Bad Breath). & 



In paragraph 2 above, the setting's timing is based on a liter of blended milk.   You may try out others
setting such as
, or liter) by experimenting.   Whatever you do, always remember that the temperature should almost remains constant @ (38C).   It should not fall below (37C) also
where they will not propagate
and coagulate themselves 
and during the experiment period hygiene
and freshness are
supreme important.



a day and the only solution to that is to keep selves healthy!   How?   You aren't a doctor yourself or
industrialist whiz?   No need to be.   Just follow easy-to-use above the guide of instructions how to make
yogurt and eat it then you are one.   "ACTIVE LIFE CULTURES" and UTENSILS that are being used must
not be contaminated otherwise BAD & SOUR COAGULATION  will take place due to contribution of the undesirable yeast or bad bacteria carries by the contaminated UTENSILS into the milk that causes the whole process a total failure, also maybe due to "LIFE CULTURES" contamination, they are not fresh enough
due to a long shelf life, bad handling and other factors.


The failure that causes the milk to separate and break away from water with all sorts of undesirable
bacteria that presents.   Thus the yogurt defects with unpleasant smells.   That yogurt must be totally
destroyed.   Between each batch of yogurt making, hygiene and freshness are supreme important.   
If "LIFE CULTURES" are not fresh, the end product is SOUR but still can be eaten and it is best to 
use yogurt for cooking.   So you must keep all the utensils and coffee pot thoroughly clean.   A good
and well-done yogurt is smoothly solidified, tastes extremely good with fragrance and delicious.   
Yogurt is
an excellence cancer and diseases prevention dairy products, strengthening your
brittle bones and you will gain a lot of benefits from
by eating it dairy to gain that gifted
benefits naturally.  
Eating a high-protein snack like yogurt before going to bed is highly recommended.




COFFEE- WARMER Model No. MEC-179 230V-23W.   Made in China @ S$8.00 to $13.80
from Overseas Emporium, Carrefour-Suntec City.



DIEHL 24 Hour Timer with 15 min-setting 240V/13(2)A/50hz.   Made in Germany @ S$8.00
to S$24.00 from Carrefour-Suntec City.



BRAUN MINIPIMER Model MR430HC.   Made in Germany @ S$38.00 to S$59.00 from Harvey
Norman Singapore
Pte Ltd or Emporiums.



DIAL THERMOMETER  M or Waterproof Digital Thermometer  C Range @ S$18.00 to S$35.00
from Acez Instruments (S) Pte Ltd or Photography shops.




COFFEE POT 1000ml or 1200ml type "MICROWAVE" glass (tinged in dark brown color
to simulate our stomach and if you cannot get tinged, any white glass will do) @ S$8.00
to S$28.50 from John Little, Singapore Cold Storage, Robinson or Emporiums.



FERNLEAF Instant Full Cream milk or  (regular milk that is hard to dissolve), Concentrated Skim Milk,
Non Fat milk or Hansells/Easiyo cultures from Singapore Cold Storage.    If you like to use other brand
of milk powder you may do so but follow the same method and the tastes of the yogurt may be deferent.



YOGURT in plain (without fruits
added and pasteurized), Hansells or Easiyo cultures that can be bought from Singapore Cold
Storage or any health stores.   The stocks must be very fresh and "lifes" otherwise the
CULTURES will not propagate and coagulate themselves quickly when you cultivate them.  
(See Products Dating, the longer the better and not near the expiring date)



Use FERNLEAF milk, pure honey, raisins, prunes, tomato, carrots, garlic, onion, fresh fruits, juice, mint, vegetables, brown or white sugar of your choice, all that have the trace of elements that can prevent
against cancer, diseases and diabetes.   Diabetes Mine:   Diabetes Food:




The bacteria and other organisms in our gut perform many important metabolic functions, and are thus essential
to our healthy body functioning.   Our intestinal ecology depends on a delicate balance between all these various microorganisms, if some species start to proliferate at the expense of others, it can cause serious implications on our health.    What most people not aware of is the changes in the ecology of the inner
"the stomach", our wonderful botanical garden that is called the gastrointestinal system where
and bad bacteria" are colonizing in great numbers when our body's natural antibiotics are weaken by drugs such as Antibiotics or others accepted dangerous factors.


Peoples fail to see that when Antibiotics kill or inhibit harmful bacteria causing diseases and common
food-borne pathogens, they also kill or
inhibit helpful bacteria while allowing harmful resistant
to survive and prosper to become of so-called superbugs which are resistant to the most powerful drugs.   Since harmful bacteria develops resistance to the most powerful antibiotics, the antibiotics drug may not be as effective when the infection recurs.   Up to today, antibiotics are no
longer thought of as cure all diseases.   Many strains of pathogens are developing themselves immunity
to even the newest drugs.   People taking Antibiotics drugs which can destroy lactic flora are advised to
to eat yogurt to replace the healthy and friendly bacteria.  
 (Since almost all Doctors knew about it,
then Doctors should advice or introduce to their patients to eat
friendly bacteria need to be replaced
 into our stomach after Antibiotics drugs treatment, when Doctors
are going to give the patients Antibiotics drugs
for treatment.   All the Doctors should have some
honest conscience regarding this matters).   ACTIVE LIFE CULTURES
in yogurt is one very good and inexpensive source of friendly bacteria.  
What are Probiotics?
  So that weeds beginning to take over and start
growing very quickly once they gain a foothold in our stomach and if it is not checked and it can cause
very serious implications on our health and treatment.   So be fully aware of the risk you are taking if you
are still doubt about (yogurt)?   Yogurt is a wonderful remedy for human from the time when the World
do exist million years ago.


These opportunistic organisms can cause a very wide range of health problems ranging from recurring
"yeast" infection
(that is fungus overgrows mostly effect to woman's natural flora only with large
amounts of white discharge from the vagina due to antibiotics treatment,  nutritional deficiencies
and  poor hygiene),
depression, chronic, fatigue, sinusitis and a complex array of illnesses.   One of the
most common weeds or fungus are yeast infection with the scientific name called Candida Allbicans.  It
causes infections such as fatigue, exhaustion, canker sores, arthritis, vaginal, kidney, bladder, depression,
muscle ad joint pains and the most serious infection is an attack on the mucous lining of the gastrointestinal
wall that can cause severe allergic reactions on our brain.   Another is organism called clostridium (source
of toxins that cause botulism), poor absorption of nutrients, candidiasis toxicity causing bloated from
excessive intestinal gas and included those that cause almonella and shigella diarrhera.   These symptoms
are not always an indication of an unfavorable imbalance of intestinal bacteria.  They can also cause from food allergens or insufficient hydrochloric acid or digestive enzymes in the stomach and a very poor hygiene
practice and take no precaution.   PREVENTION & TRANSMISSION:


Yogurt will boost a delicate ideal ratio between good and bad bacteria to the higher level of potency to
prevent against diarrhea, viruses, constipation, mucous colitis, divericulitis, vaginal infection, reduce blood cholesterol Eating Yogurt Dairy Increases "Good" Cholesterol:
and lower blood pressure, help to alleviate candidiais,
eliminate bad breath, kill harmful bacteria, enhance the absorption of nutrients, treat acne, Acne Treatment: skin disorders, Skin Treatment: & cancer preventive and the best of all is the prevention
against bone crippling disease called
Osteoporosis.   Osteoporosis is part of the natural ageing process when the old man and woman age is catching up affected thinning and brittle bones.   Yogurt dairy products are highly contained in calcium with very little fat. (2.5ml of yogurt contains up to approximately .14g of Protein, .005g of Fat, .05mg of Cholesterol, 5mg of calcium, 4mg of Phosphorus, 6.4mg of Potassium, .024mg of Zinc and .006mg of Riboflavin) by Dr Ingrid van Heerden, "D.Sc.Diet Doc on M-WEB.   If you want more information about nutrition, diet, food and beverages, send your questions to
DietDoc on M-WEB.


This is not just a problem for humans but a similar problems to cows, horses, pigs, dogs, cats and poultry when
they receive feed containing antibiotics.   In our modern world the animals are transmitting their harmful diseases
to human beings because we close to them and also we eat them.   Yogurt could counteract against "putrefactive bacteria" in the large intestine that causes diseases and shortening human life.   So that yogurt 
 is "elixir of life" and The Prolongation of Life that is the secret to longevity that is found in the mountains of
Russia among the people who were making and eating an ancient food yogurt with "Active Life Cultures" refer to
living organisms
 which contain about one billion bacteria per gram.  So don't forget to eat yogurt!   Eating yogurt that will help you to prolong your loving Life.  
Live longer life:  

The origins of yogurt lie in the isolated mountains of Russia where people in that parts of the world live such
a long and healthy lives because of the great amount of
lactobacillus acidophilus in yogurt they comsumed.  
Since that time many people have questioned scientific acceptable conclusion and was then promoted widely
because of its possible health benefits found in isolated mountains of Russia but to-day this product can be
found in most grocery stores worldwide.   The stomach is our first line of defence of the body against possible disease organisms.   Yogurt has high acidity which kills most foreign bacteria in our stomach before they pass
into the intestines.   Our intestines are home to a wide variety of different harmful bacteria that must be eliminated.   So eating
Yogurt (200 to 400g daily)  before meal (on an empty stomach) since the empty
stomach acid
is lowest at that time is beneficial to our health.   But not so for those who are suffering seriously from gastric ulcer, stomach ulcer:
stomach bloated with intestinal gas and toxins,
should be taken after full meal with less than dosage (20-50g daily) at the first time and then slowly
increased to 400g after a few months or years later.   If you are very sick, especially bad cold and cough stop eating yogurt for a while.   For aged forks that cannot stand the coldness effect of yogurt, add in cocoa or
Milo to balance the diet of coldness effect of yogurt.


Taking yogurt with empty stomach will aid the yogurt in passing through the stomach quickly and implanting
in the intestine and propagate to 200 folds there.   Therefore yogurt can contain as many as a few billion of
friendly bacteria per gram
that can strengthen your body's ability to defend against nasty digestive
irregularities processes and bad bacteria.   Science now affirms our ancestors' belief that yogurt is a health
food that fight bacteria.   
Lactobacillus acidophilus, as its name implies, thrives in an acidic environment where many pathogens
cannot live in an acid medium, as produced by bifidobacteria.    One of the most beneficial, yet also the
most vulnerable to fight the bad bacteria are bidfid bacteria and acidophilus etc.   It has a specific actions
including the ability to make a natural antibiotic and also forms lactic acid and hydrogenx peroxide.   The
natural antibiotic 
is active against a wide variety of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria such as Streptococcus faecalis, Straphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia plus a host of others.   It helps to maintain
an acidic pH in the large intestine, thus to decimates any imbalance of reoccurring from an overgrowth of
invading pathogens (disease causing organisms), fungal form of Candida Albicans.   Bacterial Vaginosis:   If it is left it uncheck, Candida infection
can spread throughout the body and cause serious harm.  
Prevention is better than cure!
Probiotics: The future of preventative Medicine.


It should be noted that yogurt has long been used as a folk remedy for vaginitis at home.   Women Vaginal
discharge that is abnormally thick or thin white or gray in colour fluid that has a fishy or musty odor, itching
around the vaginal opening and felt burning sensational during urination.   It is also known as "Bacterial 
Vaginosis Infection",html, &   Our intestines are home to trillions of bacteria referred to as
microflora is source of disease causing paradise.   If acidophilus is present in sufficient numbers in the large intestine it will prevent any overgrowth by yeast.   Milk  has turned into yogurt partly through the action of
acidophilus that eating yogurt is a beneficial food in the battle against unfriendly microorganisms in the gut
Lactobacillus acidophilus has the ability to break down milk  sugar (lactose) that something in the digestive
systems for many adults cannot do.   When you take properly good care of your diet, bowel and health, you
are automatically providing a welcome home for those favorable life-giving beneficial bacteria normally found in
the body that is essential to good health and defense you throughout the history of all humankind.  Don't just
simply live but do live well!
So a cup of yogurt a day will keep our very, very dear doctors far, far away!


When the reports on research and technical data was published from internet on yogurt worldwide.  
Acidophilus is reviewed for those benefits are reported:  
1.   Reduces cholesterol, 2.   Produces Natural Antibiotic, 3.   Vitamin production, 4.   Lactose intolerance, 5.   Prevents food indigestion, 6.   Inhibition
of Candida Albicans,
7.   Prevents bad breath and stomach bloated, 8.  Decreases Constipation,
pimples, and a high incidence of tumors and diseases,
9.   Improve blood circulation and inhibit
abnormal blood clotting
and 10.   Prevents bad intestinal ailment, Osteoporosis and even other
dangerous accepted factors:
(a)  prescription drugs and abuse of antibiotics, (b)   pollution in our
food, water and air,
(c) new dangerous bacteria by improperly-handled foods, (d)   improper diets,
(e)   alcohol uses, (f)   cigarette smoking and (g)  
natural aging process and many more others.


Some yogurt contains friendly Live aB cultures (acidophilus & bifidus) more other cultures which are an essential part for our body's defense that every body needs for a balanced of digestive system from good
and bad bacteria.   Stress, Antibiotics, Alcohol and etc, resulting in you-a lack of energy, can easily deplete
those natural cultures and even cause bloated, stomach-upset, bad bowel or intestinal gas and many more.  
This poor health is caused by an unhealthy internal system in our body that is full of waste that clogged up
with toxins.  Let us use yogurt to cleanse your body's digestive system today and tomorrow you are a
healthier person and more energetic than you have ever felt before.


For those who are taking yogurt for the first time will begin to move your bowels in the form of induced
Diarrhea but not to worry about it.   It does not cause your body to loose fluids and nutrients.   Actually
yogurt cleans your dirty stomach in the form of Diarrhea and the Diarrhea will soon be over when the
stomach is cleaned.   After that you still feel very strong and not weak at all because you do not loose
fluids and nutrients.   Normally if you have a Diarrhea,  New Treatment for Diarrhea: you feel very weak but not so in this
case.   So why not continue taking yogurt.   You will be much healthier if you continue taking yogurt that
will keep you in good health and enhance your natural beauty with such a smooth complexion without
pimples at all (very good for girls with no pimples)!   Use Genetically Modified Yogurt Bacteria to Fight


Yogurt can be eaten by all faiths and society of rich or poor.   It is cultivated from milk only so that Jewish
Muslim faiths can also enjoy the benefits of
yogurt.   Yogurt For Ramadan:
May God bless all of you and keep
you far, far away from Mr. Doctors.




Yogurt is one of the richest sources of Calcium, very good for old aged forks when their bones are very
brittle and on the deterioration way of which can easily cause fractures, high blood pressure, gallstones
and preeclampsia!   If you do eat yogurt, it will protect you all that and also against the developing of
   It is not only build strong teeth and bones but also protects the human body because it
contains all the essential amino acids (protein building blocks) that human body needs for growth and
repairs.   It will aid you naturally and quickly to restore your physical body strength, stamina, appetite
and then enjoy yourself with excellent health.



Please read the books on aB (acidophilus & bifidus), Candida Albicans by Gill Jacobs, The Garden Within,
How To Be Your Own Doctor by Dr. Keith W. Sehnert, M.D., The Prolongation Of Life by Ilya  Metchnikoff,
Easiyo by Kathy Light, Sue Smith, Jane Woodroffe Tel: 02-9150-4164, Garlic The Miracle Nutrient by Dr. Earl
Mindell (The amazing power of the world's most ancient versatile and enjoyable medicine.  A discovery form powerful (garlic) supports the immune system, helps lower blood pressure and strengthens the heart in promoting whole-body health), Curing Diseases The Chinese Traditional Chinese Food Therapy by Wang
Fuchun & Duan Yuhua and Nature's Internal Healers by Miss Natasha.   If you would like to ask Miss Natasha
a question, fax it to "Ask Natasha"@ 805-371-4742, or mail it to "Ask Natasha", P.O. Box 7448 Thousand
Oaks, CA 91359.




The information contained in the above is based on the knowledge and experience of the author, friends and Experts in this field.   However, the author and publisher disclaim any responsibility arising from any adverse effects or results that might occur as a result of inappropriate application of any information that is given herewith.    This information is not intended for use in the diagnosis, prevention or cure any diseases.    If
you have any concern about the appropriateness, application described or you have any serious, acute or chronic health concern, you should consult your own personal trained physician or appropriate trained
health professional if necessary.   All the advices and methods should be weighed on your abilities, circumstances and then applied accordingly to your need.   It is up to individual to determine that the
advices and methods are safe and suitable for their own use and when situations applied or read more
from INTERNETS then try to improve it thereafter.



More information can be obtained from internet.
Google Yahoo, Lycos,  Alta Vista 

From the above four, search for "yogurt for cure, beneficial properties of  yogurt or infections",
and a lot more informations from others website and university can be
also obtained.



Thank you for reading my text above.   Use your own applications and recommendations to others for a good deed if you think my yogurt productions and informations are very good.   You may try by experimenting and research so that you may produce a better product than my above recommendations if you do care to
improve on it but remember that the temperature should remain almost  
constant @ about  (38C) always
and not more.   It should not also fall below (37C) where they will not propagate
and coagulate

Any queries, you are free to phone me and ask for
Peter Cheng,
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Timer Setting


No. 1 Coffee Warmer 




No. 3 Braun Minipimer






Below picture show the finishing product.