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7 Please do not freeze the Life cultures; freezing may affect the quality to some degree of the lactic cultures consistency.   The longer you blend the yogurt after it is ready, the smoother and creamy with smooth consistency taste the yogurt will be but do not blend longer than 8 minutes.   Home-make yogurt is always fresh and contains billions of Vigorous Active Life Lactic Cultures that give you 100% potency for protection against the invasion from pathogenic organisms and guarantee fresh right up to 14 days to the expiring date that is 14 days after being made) when you refrigerated it immediately below (4C) in the air-tight container.   Save a little portion of the Life Cultures you have just cultivated to be used as a fresh starter for the next batch after it is being blended without adding anything.   The Cultures you have saved must be kept in the air-tight container, refrigerated it immediately below (4C) and it must not be kept more than 3 to 8 days due to its freshness required for propagating their populations during your next batch cultivation.    Occasionally you must change for a new fresh starter from a commercial company from time-to-time, provided you can controlled a high quality standard as it is produced by commercial company such as BULLA, change it that said every 3 to 8 weeks depending on your refrigerator's temperature if the temperature is always below (4C) constantly you can change it every 2 to 3 months.   My method of making yogurt has reached to such a standard equivalent to high commercial quality if I am not wrong.

Fresh yogurt is always beneficial and also is a Good Diet for the young and old.   Especially for the old aged forks, who are suffering from bone crippling diseases known as OSTEOPOROSIS where bones are getting weaker and weaker that causes the bones to be very brittle.   Yogurt is a must health-diet.   If old aged forks cannot resist the coldness effect of the yogurt then they can add in some cocoa or Milo to balance the  coldness effect of the yogurt.   Yogurt is one of the richest sources of Calcium and is 100% very good for you.    While eating yogurt you can still be under Doctor's Medical care but do keep medicine and yogurt one hour apart and even with vitamins. 


You may flavour the yogurt when you want to eat it with fine brown or white sugar if you are not suffering from diabetes, any other illness, or allergic to everything.   Blend it thoroughly with your best flavour such as pure honey, raisins, prunes, tomato, carrots, garlic, onions, fresh fruits such as apricots, peaches, apples, strawberries, pineapples, bananas, mangos, fruits juice, or especially tropical avocados of your choice and you refrigerate it again immediately below (4C) in the air-tight container.   It is very good to add yogurt into the whole grain cereal for breakfast and it can keep you going for more than two hours.


You can try making yogurt Cultures with popular style of Indian Kefir and Lassi drinks that can be sweeten or salted and even flavour the yogurt as a drink that blend with tomato, carrots, raisins, prunes, garlic, onions, fresh fruits, bananas of your own choice, ice cream or cooking (curry) and for baking ingredients and prepared your Favorite Salad Dish.   Fresh yogurt tastes, fragrance, delicious, nutritious and so economical that your whole family can afford to enjoy as much yogurt as they like and it costs approximately (S$0.28 per cup or less).   Baby below 2 years old,  it is best to consult a Doctor or you may drop a tea spool of yogurt into their milk for only once a day to help baby's bowels system.  For best results, yogurt should be taken on with an empty stomach before breakfast so that it will aid the yogurt into the gut quickly to be active because the stomach acid is lowest at that time so that you will get very little side effect, or an hour before any other meals.   For those who are suffering seriously from gastric ulcer and stomach bloated with intestinal gas,  yogurt must be taken after full meal with only dosage (20g) at first and slowly increase the dosage after a few months or years of taking yogurt and so on till you have recover then you increase the to full dosage (200g).   Full dosage of yogurt will upset your stomach badly if you are suffering from gastric ulcer  because of yogurt's natural antibiotic (amino acid-protein building blocks) that kill the bad bacteria that produce intestinal gas,  a source of toxins of which your stomach is unable to take it.  


In paragraph 4 above the setting's timing is based on a liter of blended milk.   You may try out others setting such as (, , or liter) by experimenting.   Whatever you do, always remember that the temperature should almost remains constant @ (38C) and during the experiment period hygiene and freshness are supreme important.


HEALTH IS A BIG HEADACHE & SOPHISTICATED PROBLEM FOR HUMAN!   Medical fee is fantastic now a day and the only solution to that is to keep selves healthy!   How?   You aren't a doctor yourself or industrialist whiz?   No need to be.   Just follow easy-to-use guide and instructions below and you are one.   ACTIVE LIFE CULTURES and UTENSILS that are being used must not be contaminated otherwise BAD & SOUR COAGULATION  will take place due to contribution of the undesirable yeast or bad bacteria carries by the contaminated UTENSILS into the milk that causes the whole process a total failure, also maybe due to LIFE CULTURES contamination, are not fresh enough due to a long shelf life, bad handling and other factors.