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Taking yogurt with empty stomach will aid the yogurt in passing through the stomach quickly and implanting in the intestine and propagate to 200 folds there.   Therefore yogurt can contain as many as a  few billion of friendly bacteria per gram that can strengthen your body's ability to defend against nasty digestive irregularities processes and bad bacteria.   Lactobacillus acidophilus, as its name implies, thrives in an acidic environment where many pathogens cannot live in an acid medium, as produced by bifidobacteria.    One of the most beneficial, yet also the most vulnerable to the bad bacteria are bidfid bacteria and acidophilus etc.   It has a specific actions including the ability to make a natural antibiotic and also forms lactic acid and hydrogenx peroxide.   The natural antibiotic is  active against a wide variety of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria such as Streptococcus faecalis, Straphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia plus a host of others.   It helps to maintain an acidic pH in the large intestine, thus to decimates any imbalance of reoccurring from an overgrowth of invading pathogens (disease causing organisms), fungal form of Candida Albicans.   If it is left it unchecked, Candida infection can spread throughout the body and cause serious harm.

It should be noted that yogurt has long been used as a folk remedy for vaginitis.   If acidophilus is present in sufficient numbers in the large intestine it will prevent any overgrowth by yeast.   Milk has turned into yogurt partly through the action of acidophilus that eating yogurt is a beneficial food in the battle against unfriendly microorganisms in the gut.   Lactobacillus acidophilus has the ability to break down milk sugar (lactose) that something in the digestive systems of many adults cannot do.   When you take properly good care of your diet, bowel and health, you are automatically providing a welcome home for those favorable life-giving beneficial bacteria normally found in the body that is essential to good health and defense you throughout the history of all humankind.   Don't just simply live but do live well!   So a cup of  yogurt a day will keep our very, very dear doctors far, far away!  
When the reports on research and technical data was published from internet worldwide on yogurt.    Acidophilus is reviewed for those benefits are reported:
1.   Reduces cholesterol,  2.   Produces Natural Antibiotic,  3.   Vitamin production, 4.   Lactose intolerance,  5.   Food digestion, 6.   Inhibition of Candida Albicans, 7.   Prevents bad breath and stomach bloated,  8. Decreases Constipation,  pimples, and a high incidence of tumors and diseases,  9.   Improve blood circulation and inhibit abnormal blood clotting and 10.   Prevents bad intestinal ailment, Osteoporosis and even other dangerous accepted factors:
(a)   prescription drugs and abuse of antibiotics, (b)    pollution in our food, water and air, (c)    new dangerous bacteria by improperly-handled foods,   (d)   improper diets, (e)   alcohol uses, (f)   cigarette smoking and (g)   natural aging process and many others.
Some yogurt contains friendly Live aB cultures (acidophilus & bifidus) or more other cultures which are an essential part of our body's defense that every body needs for a balanced of digestive system from good and bad bacteria.   Stress, Antibiotics, Alcohol and etc, resulting in you-a lack of energy, can easily deplete those natural cultures and even cause bloated, stomach-upset, bad bowel or intestinal gas and many more.
For those who take yogurt for the first time will have a few Diarrhea, not to worry about it.   Actually yogurt cleans your dirty stomach in the form of  Diarrhea and the Diarrhea will soon be over when the stomach is cleaned.   After that you still feel very strong and not weak at all.   Normally after a Diarrhea you feel very weak but so in this case.   So why not continue taking yogurt.   You will be much healthier if you continue taking yogurt that will help you to be in good health and enhance your natural beauty with such a smooth complexion without pimples at all (very good for girls)!   
Yogurt can be eaten by all faiths and society of rich or poor.   It is cultivated from milk only so that Jewish and Muslim faiths can also enjoy the benefits of yogurt.   May God bless  all of you and keep you far, far away from Mr. Doctors.