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They fail to see that when Antibiotics kill or inhibit harmful bacteria causing diseases and common food-borne pathogens), they also kill or inhibit helpful bacteria while allowing harmful resistant bacteria to survive and prosper to become of so-called superbugs which are resistant to the most powerful drugs.   Since harmful bacteria develop resistance to the most powerful antibiotics, the antibiotics drug may not be as effective when the infection recurs.    (Since almost all Doctors knew about it then they should introduce or advice their patients when Antibiotics drugs are given to them if the Doctors have some honest conscience.)     So that weeds beginning to take over and start growing very quickly once they gain a foothold in our stomach and if it is not checked and it can cause very serious implications on our health and treatment also.   So be fully aware of the risk you are taking if you are still doubtful about (YOGURT)?

These opportunistic organisms can cause a very wide range of health problems ranging from recurring "yeast" infection (that is fungus overgrows mostly effect to woman's natural flora with large amounts of white discharge from the vagina due to antibiotics treatment,  nutritional deficiencies and  poor hygiene), depression, chronic, fatigue, sinusitis and a complex array of illnesses.   One of the most common weeds or fungus are yeast infection with the scientific name called Candida Allbicans.   It causes infections such as fatigue, exhaustion, canker sores, arthritis, vaginal, kidney, bladder, depression, muscle ad joint pains and the most serious infection is an attack on the mucous lining of the gastrointestinal wall that can cause severe allergic reactions on our brain.   Another is organism called clostridium (source of toxins that cause botulism), poor absorption of nutrients, candidiasis toxicity causing bloating from excessive intestinal gas and included those that cause salmonella and shigella diarrhera.   These symptoms are not always an indication of an unfavorable imbalance of intestinal bacteria.    They can also cause from food allergens or insufficient hydrochloric acid or digestive enzymes in the stomach and very poor hygiene practice or precaution.

Yogurt will boost a delicate ideal ratio between good and bad bacteria to the higher level of potency to prevent against diarrhea, viruses, constipation, mucous colitis, divericulitis, vaginal infection, reduce blood cholesterol and lower blood pressure, help to alleviate candidiais, eliminate bad breath, kill harmful bacteria, enhance the absorption of nutrients, treat acne and skin disorders, cancer preventive and the best of all is the prevention against bone crippling disease called Osteoporosis.    Osteoporosis is part of the natural ageing process when the old man and woman age is catching up affected thinning and brittle bones.   Yogurt dairy products are highly contained in calcium with very little fat. (2.5ml of yogurt contains up to approximately .14g of Protein, .005g of Fat, .05mg of Cholesterol, 5mg of calcium, 4mg of Phosphorus, 6.4mg of Potassium, .024mg of Zinc and .006mg of Riboflavin) by Dr Ingrid van Heerden, "D.Sc.Diet Doc on M-WEB.   If you want more information about nutrition, diet, food and beverages, send your questions to DietDoc on M-WEB.
This is not just a problem for humans but a similar problems to cows, horses, pigs, dogs, cats and poultry when they receive feed containing antibiotics.   In our modern world the animals are transmitting their harmful diseases to human beings because we eat them.   Yogurt could counteract against "putrefactive bacteria" in the large intestine that causes diseases and shortening human life.    So that yogurt is the "elixir of life" and don't forget to eat yogurt!   Eating yogurt that will help you to prolong your Life. 
People in some parts of the world live such a long and healthy lives because of the great amount of lactobacillus acidophilus that they eat in their food.   It is a good practice to take yogurt 200 to 400g daily before meal (on an empty stomach) since the empty stomach acid is lowest at that time.   But not so for those who are suffering seriously from gastric ulcer, stomach bloated with intestinal gas,  yogurt should be taken after full meal with only dosage (20-50g daily) at the first time and then slowly increased to 400g after a few months or years.  If you are very sick, especially bad cold and cough stop eating yogurt for a while.   For aged forks that cannot stand the coldness effect of yogurt, add in cocoa or Milo to balance the diet of coldness effect of  yogurt. 

Taking yogurt with empty stomach will aid the yogurt in passing through the stomach quickly and implanting in the intestine and propagate to 200 folds there.   Therefore yogurt can contain as many as a few billion of friendly bacteria per gram that can strengthen your body's ability to defend against nasty digestive irregularities processes and bad bacteria.   Lactobacillus acidophilus, as its name implies, thrives in an acidic environment where many pathogens cannot live in an acid medium, as produced by bifidobacteria.    One of the most beneficial, yet also the most vulnerable to fight the bad bacteria are bidfid bacteria and acidophilus etc.   It has a specific actions including the ability to make a natural antibiotic and also forms lactic acid and hydrogenx peroxide.   The natural antibiotic is  active against a wide variety of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria such as Streptococcus faecalis, Straphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia plus a host of others.   It helps to maintain an acidic pH in the large intestine, thus to decimates any imbalance of reoccurring from an overgrowth of invading pathogens (disease causing organisms), fungal form of Candida Albicans.   If it is left it uncheck, Candida infection can spread throughout the body and cause serious harm.