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The information contained in the above is based on the knowledge and experience of the author, friends and Experts in this field.   However, the author and publisher disclaim any responsibility arising from any adverse effects or results that might occur as a result of inappropriate application of any information that is given herewith.    If you have any concern about the appropriateness or application described, you should consult your own personal physician or appropriate health professional if necessary.


More information can be obtained from internet.
Yahoo, Lycos,  Alta Vista you
From the above three, search for "yogurt for cure, beneficial properties of  yogurt or infections",  and a lot more from others website and university.


Thank you for reading my text, your own applications and recommendation to others for a good deed if you think my yogurt production and information are very good.   You may try by experimenting and research so that you may produce a better product than my above recommendation if you do care to improve on it but remember that the temperature should remain almost constant @ about (38C) always and not more.
Any queries, you are free to phone me and ask for Peter Cheng, Tel: 065-67443835, Fax 065-67453882 
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